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I’ll be honest. I’m a makeup hoarder. I’m pretty sure you guys already know that. When Rovanza asked if I wanted to review a beauty box, at first I chose the smaller version and then I woke up and realized ‘Um hello!? You need SPACE’ so I went with the Quad Diamond Plus. This is not your average acrylic beauty box ladies! This thing is MASSIVE! I don’t even have it all the way filled to the brim & I could probably fit the entire Sephora franchise in it. Measuring 14″ L x 12″ W x 17″ H, this will cure all of your storage needs! I have this placed on the corner of my Ikea Alex desk and couldn’t lift it to fit it in my lightbox (Nor do I think it would even fit) So my photos are going to look a little crazy. My apologies.. but you’ll get the drift! The Quad Diamond Plus has 4 drawers plus a top lidded compartment. When you order from Zahra beauty, you also get the option of what colored crystal knobs you’d like (I of course chose pink)

Bottom Drawer – This is where I have all of my smaller palettes. I left the dividers in because they all fit perfectly! You also have the option to take the dividers out and customize them however you choose!

Drawer #2 – Lips, lips lips! (And the occasional eye products). I wanted to put my most used drugstore items in here so I would remember to reach for them.

Drawer #3 – PALETTES!!! (This isn’t even HALF my palette collection, but definitely the ones I gravitate towards the most) I chose to remove the dividers out of this drawer.

Drawer #4 – This one isn’t filled up as much as the others, so I definitely have room to grow!

Top Lid Compartment – I’m not sure what I’m going to put in this top area. I’m thinking my MAC blush collection so it’s easy access! I don’t have anything sitting on top of this at the moment.

How EPIC is this organizer!? Seriously! I love that it’s clear, comes with dividers that you can customize and is so LARGE! If you’re in the market for something to hold your ENTIRE collection, I would definitely recommend investing in an organizer from Rovanza. They have a ton of different sizes as well! The quality & customer service is up to par and gets a stamp of approval from me!

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    I’ll be honest. I’m a makeup hoarder. I’m pretty sure you guys already …