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Spinning Lipstick Towers

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Small space? lots of Lipsticks? spending too much time looking for that one lipstick? well, Rovanza found the best solution to keep your collection well organized and reachable, we named it the Spinning lipstick tower!! It is just one of a kind! It effortlessly spins in the most glamours way. This tower has space for 81 lipsticks in different sizes, and allows you to show off your collection. Available in these different colors: Adorable Pink, Classy White, Goldie Lux, Rose, Scarlet, Silver Dream, Vitreous, Black, Lily & Tiffany. they are all coming with beautiful diamond blings around themand also are available without. 

Just choose the tower that goes with your style and it will add that Chic touch to your vanity! 



  • loveforlacquer

    I’ll be honest. I’m a makeup hoarder. I’m pretty sure you guys already …